Hunting Supplies: 3 Benefits Of Choosing Feather Vanes Over Plastic Ones

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Hunting is one of the more popular sport and recreational activities in the U.S. with over 45 million Americans having participated sometime in their life. While many Americans love their guns, some hunters would like to level out the playing field by hunting using traditional methods, such as hunting with a bow and arrow. There are many different types of bows and arrows on the market and the different designs and materials make a huge impact on one's capabilities in the hunting range, and one's likelihood to bring in the big game. If you enjoy using bows and arrows, then consider switching to arrows with feather vanes rather than plastic ones. Here are 3 benefits that you will reap.

Quicker Speeds

Turkeys can run up to speeds of 25 miles per hour and can fly up to speeds of 55 miles per hour, while white-tailed deer can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Needless to say, timing is crucial when hunting, and you want to make sure that your arrows reach their target quickly before they have a chance to escape. Arrows with feather vanes tend to be a lot quicker than arrows with plastic vanes for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • the weight difference. Feather vanes are over 700% lighter than plastic vanes; thus, less mass needs to be accelerated, and less energy is lost once the arrows have been released.
  • the difference in friction. Unlike plastic vanes that rub against the wind, feather vanes are designed to produce less friction, allowing them to sail quickly.

These properties have been put to the test. Numerous studies have indicated that feather vanes travel approximately 5 feet per second faster than plastic vanes. This can make a difference between whether the arrows hit their mark or miss entirely.

Better Guidance

Let's face it. Once you have released the arrows from the bows, the arrows can easily be influenced by the environment and miss its mark. Unlike plastic vanes, feather vanes have been known to offer better guidance. This is because the surface of the feathers are rougher, and will tend to grip onto the surrounding air, so that the arrows can realign in a quick and efficient manner.

Keep in mind that feather vanes are much lighter in comparison to plastic alternatives, which helps to make the arrows more stable. The added weight of the plastic at the end of the arrows will cause the arrows to wobble a bit, which decreases overall stability.

Higher Versatility and Better Tuning

Due to all of the properties that are mentioned above, feather vanes are much more versatile in nature because they can be easily tuned to just about any arrow. Feather vanes can easily fold down and pop back up to their original position without losing any structural integrity within milliseconds. Feather vanes are able to tolerate a wider range of bow variables in comparison to plastic alternatives, such as arrow pressure and the use of different release aids. Feather vanes require very minimal set-up as well, and are much more forgiving in comparison to plastic vanes.


While feather vanes do cost more, they are definitely well worth the investment, as they help improve your aim, and will guide the arrows to the intended target. You're more likely to bring home the big game as a trophy, and you will have a much easier time aiming the spot that you were shooting for. There are many different types of feathers that can be used, but turkey has been by far the most popular option chosen by most hunters. Continue your online research to read more about hunting supplies and what will work best for you.


2 January 2015

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