3 Father's Day Gifts Even The Most Interesting Man In The World Would Love

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In a recent interview on a popular social networking site, Jonathan Goldsmith spoke about the joyous event of the birth of his first son. With Father's Day fast approaching, this brings up a question almost as interesting as the man who once warned a psychic and considers Chuck Norris a "good student" -- what do you gift a dad who has seen and done it all?

If you're shopping for a man who ranks in at 11 on a coolness scale of 1 to 10, here are some ideas that even the most interesting man in the world would love.

An Intro To Falconry

If the dad you're shopping for doesn't need another deer rifle and already has more fishing poles and lures than he can handle, open his eyes up to a different game sport.

Falconers train hawks to capture and retrieve small mammals, waterfowl, and game birds. The sport dates back over 4,000 years, and is considered an intangible cultural heritage by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Becoming a falconer takes hard work, dedication, and a passion for nature. If the dad you're shopping for has what it takes, get him started by purchasing him a few books for beginner falconers and contacting one of the more than 30 falconry clubs across America to set him up with a sponsor.

A New Language

Jonathan Goldsmith speaks a little French, a little Spanish, and also claims to have a secret language that few others share. If the father you're buying a gift for has mastered his native tongue and loves a new challenge, present him with a new dialect to conquer. 

How can you wrap words up in fun paper and a pretty bow? Get your loved one a learning course in the media of his choice. You can order language learning courses online in book format, audio book format, and on DVDs. 

If you think your dad would be up for a more interactive approach to language-learning, search for tutors who offer language courses via video chat platforms. Print out a home-made certificate on your computer detailing what your gift offers and wrap it up with a foreign language dictionary and a nice pen and paper for note-taking.

What if he already knows French and Spanish, and a few other languages to boot? Just find one he hasn't learned yet from this list of languages around the world and learn it along with him so he has someone to practice with.

A Custom Bobblehead

Of course, if the man you're shopping for is even an ounce as seasoned, as intense, or as debonair as Jonathan Goldsmith, then there's only one gift that will truly suffice. As one of the most interesting men in the world, he deserves a gift of equal interest -- a custom bobblehead, of course. 

At an online custom bobblehead shop, you'll be able to select a body form and then upload a picture of the face of your loved one. The designer of your bobblehead will then take that picture and draft a proof for your examination. If you're happy with the draft, your loved one's face will be immortalized on a bouncy, polyresin head and then attached to your selected body form.

Most bobblehead shops offer unlimited draft edits so you can be sure your bobblehead is a perfect replica of the real-deal cool dad you're shopping for before it's crafted and shipped.

With Father's Day fast approaching, what will you get the more-interesting-than-average man on your shopping list? If you're lost for ideas, get him a unique and extraordinary gift from the list above to match his unique and extraordinary taste.


25 June 2015

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