Tips For Finding Silver Coins With A Metal Detector

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Metal detecting can be a fun and potentially profitable hobby. Want to increase your chances of finding silver coins with your metal detector? Then take a look at these ideas. They will guide you through the process of searching for coins to sell.

1. Fine-tune your settings with a real silver coin.

Metal detectors have range of settings, and the exact settings vary based on the type of metal detector you have. However, in most cases, there is a discrimination setting -- this setting instructs your metal detector not to pick up certain metals, and it allows you to avoid "junk" like aluminum foil or soda cans. Most detectors also have sensitivity, depth and ground settings.

Sensitivity simply controls how sensitive the detector is. The higher the sensitivity readings, the more likely your detector is to find small pieces of metal. Depth handles how deeply the detector looks for metal underground, and finally, the ground setting controls whether or not the metal detector will alert you if it senses heavy metals that are likely part of the soil.

Ideally, you should decide how far you are willing to dig and set your depth finder accordingly. You should initiate the ground setting so that your detector doesn't beep at heavy metals in the soil. Then, to determine your sensitivity and metal settings, you should place a silver coin on the floor, and you should run your metal detector over it. Listen to the beeps emitted by the detector, and adjust your settings accordingly.

Try increasing and decreasing the sensitivity meter, and try only setting your detector to find silver or allowing it to find both silver and gold. As you make each adjustment, run your detector over your coin again, and pay attention to how it responds. Through trial and error, find the settings that emit the loudest beeps when you run your detector over your coin. 

2. Check the dates on the coins you find.

Once you start metal detecting, you may find a range of coins. Look at the dates on them, and let that guide your detection efforts. The United States government reduced the amount of silver in its coins in 1965. As a result, if you want silver, you need to look for change that was minted in 1964 or earlier.

For example, if all of the coins you are finding were minted in the 1950s, that is a sign that you are searching in a good place. However, if you are only finding items from the 1990s, you may want to try another spot.

3. Clean your findings very carefully.

If you find any coins, make sure that you don't damage them by cleaning them too roughly. Don't use any sharp metal tools to remove caked on dirt -- unfortunately, those could cause scratches or other damage. Instead, use baking soda or sterling silver polish for cleaning.

If using polish, apply some of it to a soft cloth. Then, fold the cloth around the coin and gently rub it until it is clean. If using baking soda, make a paste with water and apply it gently with a cloth. You may also soak your silver coins in water before cleaning them with polish or baking soda.

Once you have found and cleaned your coins, you can keep them, or you can take them to a dealer who buys coins. Keep in mind that coins can be valuable as collector's items, or they can be valuable for their metal alone. As a result, pick up coins regardless of their condition, and don't hesitate to show them to a dealer. To learn more about finding or selling silver coins, contact a coin dealer


21 March 2016

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