How To Determine If You Have A Great Amber Gemstone

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If you want to purchase an amber gemstone that is set in a piece of jewelry, you need to know how to evaluate the amber. There are a few different varieties of amber stones on the market that you can purchase. You should also consider the clarity, carat weight, and cut of any stone you are considering purchasing.

Types of Amber Stones

There are five different types of amber stones that you can purchase. Yellow amber is the most common type of amber stone and is the color of stone that most people associate with amber. Yellow amber varies from orange all the way to brown in color and tone and often has bubbles inside of the stone.

The three rarer types of amber stones include green amber, red amber, and blue amber. Green amber is made by fresh flora fossils. Red amber varies in color from a rusty brown red to a shiny red. Blue amber is the rarest of all amber stones, and actually looks like yellow amber, but when you hold it up to the light, you'll see a blue shade within the stone.


When looking at amber gemstones, you are not really going for a stone that is clear. The beauty of amber is actually found in its inclusions, in the air bubbles and marks that are within the amber. Amber that has inclusions are generally more expensive than amber without inclusions. Amber without inclusions are actually less valuable. This is different than most stones, where the ones without inclusions are more valuable.


Amber stones are naturally really lightweight. You are less likely to see a fifteen-carat amber stone than you are a fifteen-carat diamond stone. Carat is actually not a size; it is a weight of measuring the small weight of gemstones. A five-carat amber gemstone is really large and more comparable to a two-point five-carat diamond in size. Don't be surprised to see smaller carat sizes when looking at amber stones as they are a really lightweight stone.


Amber gemstones are cut into a variety of shapes. The most common and affordable shapes are ovals and round stones. However, for a little more money, you can find hearts, triangles, pentagon, stars, and hexagon. It is easy to make interesting shapes out of gemstones because the stone is light and soft, making it easier for jewelers to shape.

Amber is different than other gemstones. It is lightweight and comes in smaller carats, and imperfections and unique cuts are extremely valuable. Contact a company like Amber International for more information and assistance. 


29 November 2017

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