Why You Should Use Area Rugs In Your Home

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An area rug can perfectly accent a room and make your home feel more cozy and inviting. You can buy area rugs in many sizes and all colors, but beauty isn't the only reason to use the rugs in your home. Here are some reasons to partially cover your floors with area rugs.

Area Rugs Protect Expensive Carpeting

Expensive carpeting is beautiful, but it takes a beating from day-to-day wear. One way to protect your carpet is to use area rugs in high-traffic areas such as hallways and near entry doors. The rugs keep grit and dirt out of the fibers and keep the carpet from being worn out and developing traffic paths. An area rug can also prevent UV damage to carpeting by shielding the carpet from sun shining through a window. Area rugs can be placed under sofa legs or table legs to protect the carpet from being compressed or damaged when moving furniture. Area rugs can be replaced more easily than carpet, and they can be put away when you have guests and want your clean, beautiful carpet on display.

They Provide Warmth And Cushioning For Kids

If you have a hard floor made of stone or wood, you may worry about your kids playing on a cold, hard surface. You can solve this problem by placing a large, bright area rug in your kids' rooms. This provides warmth when they play on the floor. Plus, if you have toddlers just beginning to walk, you won't have to worry about falls and bumps, since a cushy area rug will break the fall.

They Provide A Comfortable Place For Pets To Sleep

If you have pets, you know they spend a lot of time napping on the floor. Floors can be cold in the winter, and your pets can be uncomfortable if they're not allowed on the bed or couch. A fluffy and warm area rug would be a great way to keep your pets happy and comfortable when compared to sleeping on a bare, hard floor. An area rug can give your pet some traction, too, when getting up and down from a nap.

While wood, stone, or vinyl floors are easy to keep clean when you have to deal with pet hairs, they can be slick for your pet to walk on. Covering a family room or living room with a big area rug decreases the risk of injury to your dog, and it also reduces the risk of scratching wood floors.

The best thing is that area rugs are easy to clean. You can vacuum them or take them outdoors to clean. Small ones can even be thrown in a washing machine. Area rugs serve important functions in your home, so while they can add beauty, they also make your home more comfortable while protecting your floors. Contact a company like Carpet Discount Warehouse to learn more.


26 January 2018

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

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