Storing And Preserving That Noni Juice

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Commercial Tahitian noni juice has been around for over 20 years, and people in Polynesia have been using the fruit for health purposes for much longer. The juice is supposed to have several health benefits, and preliminary lab studies using mice showed some anti-cancer benefit in conjunction with chemotherapy. As for humans, the benefits have so far been anecdotal, but the juice remains popular as a general health supplement. It also remains somewhat pricey in many cases, and storing your juice has to be done properly.

Plastic and Leaching

Noni juice is fairly acidic, like a lot of fruit juices, but noni has a special requirement. Don't store noni juice (fresh juice, leftovers, reconstituted, and so on -- the types where you might need your own container) in plastic. If you buy a commerical noni preparation that is already in plastic, you can keep it in there, but if you're providing the container, try glass. You don't want the acidity of the juice causing microscopic plastic particles from the bottle to leach into the juice.

Container Color and Refrigeration

Any noni juice that you'll be using rather quickly can be stored in a clear container. Again, the clear glass or plastic container that a commercial preparation came in is fine to use. But note that excessive exposure to light can degrade noni juice. If you plan to store freshly made juice or need another container for the juice for whatever reason, you may want to find a darker colored container.

Of course, most noni juice needs to be in the refrigerator, so for much of the time, the container will be in the dark assuming your fridge light doesn't malfunction and stay on. But for fermented products or those products bottled to be shelf-stable, the noni juice might live much of its life on a light-filled shelf. In that case, finding a larger container that is opaque, and storing the bottles in there, is best. If you have to decant the juice from its original container (because of damage, storage space, etc. into another one that will be stored, mark the expiration date on the new container.

Noni juice is meant to be used rather sparingly, which means you'll likely have a lot left over that you need to store for later. Pay attention to the instructions on the bottle that you get regarding shelf life, usage, and storage. Store the rest of the juice, extract, powder, or other preparation properly, and you'll be able to enjoy the juice for a long time.  


27 March 2018

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

Even as a child, I recognized that scent has the power to influence mood. The aroma of warm bread fresh from the oven still makes me feel safe and nurtured, even if I am the one who did the baking. The smell of sawdust reminds me of my grandfather who owned a lumber mill, and, strangely enough, the scent of paint thinner triggers memories of visiting my father at his machine shop on hot, summer days. Now that I have my own home, I use scent to help build my family's excitement for the holidays. Certain aromas reassure me that my house is clean or help me relax after a long day. The right smell can alleviate anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and signal that I am truly home.