Creating And Setting Up Your Own Graphic Arts Work Shop: Things You Will Need

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Getting into graphic arts is a good business opportunity if you are able to use and manipulate the digital drawing tools with near expertise. You can work from home and take on as many private clients as you can get. If you think you want to give this a shot, the following items are just the "short list" of what you will need to set up your workspace at home.

Quiet Space in Which to Work

Creating digital art requires creativity and thinking. You cannot really do either in the din of your living room with a TV going and kids yelling (if applicable). You need a quiet space in the house (or just outside of it) to work. If there is no space in the house, consider adding a large shed or studio to your yard. 

A Computer with a High-Speed Processor and Excellent Graphics Card

This type of computer will help you produce unbelievable results with each new product you produce. A "gaming" laptop often has both the fast processor as well as an excellent graphics card to help you get results with your designs. If you do not have this type of computer already, you may have to invest in one. They are not cheap, but if you complete two to four projects for clients, you should have just about enough to pay for the computer in full.

Color Printers

It is not enough to have one color printer. You should have at least two. Wait and watch for color printers for sale. Purchase one each of laser and inkjet printers. This will allow you to print your designs on both printers to see which print produces the most dramatic realization of your work. It also gives you two versions of the design to show a client, who make prefer the less vivid colors of the laser to the inkjet print.

A High-Quality, Digital Drawing Board

These are pieces of equipment you can plug into the computer/laptop. The board is blank, but it includes a stylus. The stylus is your drawing medium for the board. Every stroke you make on the drawing board appears onscreen on your computer monitor/laptop screen. Numerous tools are included with the software for the drawing board. Spend some free time acquainting yourself with all of the tools and creating some sample images for your future clients. These stock images will help clients decide if they want to hire you, so make them good.

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8 June 2018

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

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