Caring For Your High-Quality Knife

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A handmade pocket knife can be a tool that you may use on a regular basis. As a result of the intense wear that a knife can sustain, it is important to follow the best practices when it comes to maintaining a knife. Otherwise, you could find yourself needing to replace your favorite knife much sooner than should be needed.

Regularly Sharpen Your Knife

Attempting to use a dull knife can be a very frustrating experience. It can also be surprisingly dangerous as it can be difficult to control a dull knife when you are cutting with it. While it may seem as though sharpening your knife will be a very difficult or labor-intensive task, there are automatic sharpeners that you can use. These devices will be able to sharpen the blade of your knife within a matter of minutes while requiring minimal labor on your part.

Store The Knife Away From Moisture And Condensation

During the times when you are not needing your knife, it should be stored in an area that is free of excessive moisture and condensation. When a knife is stored in an area where there is a high moisture content, it can cause extensive damage to it. In addition to the risk of the moisture corroding the blade of the knife, it can also cause extensive damage to the handle of the knife. If it is not possible to store the knife in an area of the building that is free of high humidity or other sources of moisture, you may want to invest in a storage box. These boxes will contain humidity control packs that can keep condensation from forming on the knife while it is being stored.

Maintain The Knife's Handle

Many knife owners will focus most or all of their attention on maintaining the blade. While the blade is a critical component of any knife, it is also important to properly maintain the handle. When the handle of a knife is not properly maintained, you could find that it is more difficult to effectively and comfortably hold it. This can be particularly true for knives that incorporate leather on their handles as the leather can become brittle. Every few weeks, the handle of your knife should be thoroughly cleaned and treated to keep it in good condition. If you are planning to use a leather treatment, you should make sure that the handle fully dries before attempting to use the knife as the leather oil can make the handle slick.


20 March 2019

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