Four Pagan Practices To Consider Even If You Aren't Pagan

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Paganism draws from rituals and can often be inspired by nature. Even if you aren't a pagan, there are some practices you can incorporate into your everyday life to find a bit of extra inspiration. Here are just some options to consider to help make your home and your daily life a bit more magical.

Pagan Charms

Pagan charms can be carried with you for blessings or good luck. Some are shaped like small coins and feature inspirational messages, while others are shaped like pagan symbols to denote certain thoughts or ideas. Placing a charm on a key chain can help keep good tidings with you throughout the day, and placing them in different rooms of the home can help create a more calming and peaceful atmosphere. You can find a wide range of charms at online pagan supply websites. Look through the different options to find the perfect tidings for your everyday life.

Herbal Smudging

Herbal smudging is thought by some to help clear a home of negative energy. This practice involves burning an herbal smudge stick and letting the smoke and scent spread throughout the home. These smudging sticks often create a soothing scent that can help you and your family feel calmer at home. The art of smudging is similar to burning incense, and it can be done with or without a ritual. Whether you want to rid your home of negative energy or you simply want to create a calm atmosphere, smudging might be a good practice to consider.

Candle Magic

Candle magic draws on the idea of casting spells, and the candle colors represent the different types of spells you can cast. Some colors might be used to help bring on sleep during restless nights, while others might be used to absorb negativity to bring a more positive atmosphere into your home. If you visit an online pagan supply website, you can find an array of candle options to choose from. Be sure to do your research to find the right colors for your needs, and consider whether or not you want to try casting spells when you light the candles. Even if you choose not to try your hand at spells, the act of simply lighting the candles can help bring positive energy into the home.

Essential Oils And Incense

While you might not realize it, essential oils and incense are sometimes part of pagan rituals. You can find a wide selection of these items at pagan supply sites, and you can use them for a range of purposes. Even if you don't practice paganism, you can use oils to help your home smell better with homemade cleaning solutions and even to craft your own soaps. Incense can be used for aromatherapy to help soothe your mind and give your home a warm, inviting atmosphere.

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10 May 2019

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

Even as a child, I recognized that scent has the power to influence mood. The aroma of warm bread fresh from the oven still makes me feel safe and nurtured, even if I am the one who did the baking. The smell of sawdust reminds me of my grandfather who owned a lumber mill, and, strangely enough, the scent of paint thinner triggers memories of visiting my father at his machine shop on hot, summer days. Now that I have my own home, I use scent to help build my family's excitement for the holidays. Certain aromas reassure me that my house is clean or help me relax after a long day. The right smell can alleviate anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and signal that I am truly home.