Tips To Keep Your Glitter Glass Pipe Clean And Tasting Great

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Smoking from a glitter glass pipe is enjoyable – until it's not. After several uses, the glass pipe can begin to smell terrible and make the smoke taste bitter and old. Below, you'll find a few tips to help protect the condition of your glitter glass pipe to prevent the bad odors and tastes from ruining your next smoke session.

Keep Alcohol Wipes On Hand

You know the tiny little alcohol wipes that are found in first aid kits – those are the handiest little things to have when using glass pipes. Each time you're done smoking, let the pipe cool for a few seconds and then use the alcohol wipe to remove the remaining residue from the bowl piece. Removing the resin immediately after each smoking session will reduce the amount of build-up left behind, which will improve the taste and reduce the odors when the pipe isn't being used.

Buy 90% Alcohol                         

Pick up a bottle or two of 90% rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol is used to soak the pipe for complete cleanings. Just place the pipe in a bowl slightly larger than itself and pour the rubbing alcohol into the bowl. Make sure that the alcohol gets into the pipe and that there aren't air bubbles stuck inside. Let the pipe sit in the alcohol for a few hours. Return with a pipe cleaner and run it through the pipe. Soak it longer if the residue isn't coming out easily.

Note: If you've been smoking through the pipe for a while without cleaning it, you may need to soak it in the alcohol and use the pipe cleaner for a few days before it all breaks down and washes away.

Heat or No Heat?

Some glitter glass pipes can also be cleaned by placing it in a pan of boiling water. In some cases, this can damage the finish on the glass pipe. Before you boil, read through any instructions that came with the piece. Usually, if there's special care required, you'll receive at least a small note with the pipe alerting you that some cleaning methods could damage the finish – especially if it's a color changing pipe.

Keeping up with regular cleanings of your glitter glass pipe will not only keep it looking really cool, but it will improve the quality of your smoke sessions. Hopefully, the tips above will help you keep up with regular cleanings so you don't have to soak it for days at a time to get it clean. Contact a supplier, like Foco Funktional, for more information on pipe care.


22 August 2019

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