Going Hiking For The First Time? 2 Things You Will Need

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If you are going hiking for the first time, you will find this a fun thing to do. This is only if you are prepared, however. Because you have never done this, you likely do not have everything you need. If not, below are two things you should purchase before you go.

Hiking Boots

One of the most important things to purchase is hiking boots. You will find that there are many options to choose from. One type is low-cut hiking boots. These are best if you are going hiking during the day.

Another option you have is day hiking boots. These boots range from low-cut to high-cut. These work well for day hiking if you are planning to have a backpack that does not weigh a lot and you are going on a short hike. This type is generally very flexible, but they do not have enough durability and support to be good for long hiking trips.

There are also hiking boots that are made for backpacking that are a heavier weight, and they work well for long hiking trips. These boots are generally high-cut and they have wraps that are right above your ankles to give you a lot of support. These hiking boots also provide you with support and are very durable. For more information, contact a supplier that carries women's or men's hiking boots.

Navigation Items

When hiking for the first time, you are in an area that you are not used to. Because of this, you could easily get lost. To prevent this, you need to have navigation items. There are apps that you can install on your smartphone that will provide you with navigation. You can also use a compass if you want something that won't lose its charge.

There are also watches that have a built-in compass that you can use. These are beneficial because you do not have to worry about carrying anything. Along with this, take a whistle with you. Have everyone else have a whistle also. This way, if anyone does get lost, they can blow their whistle and you can then easily find them.

Take a map with you that shows the entire area that you are hiking. It is helpful to put marks on the map from where you start so that you do not forget.

It is helpful to take someone hiking with you that has a lot of experience. They can give you much more information about other things you will need, such as a backpack with food and water, protective clothing, and more.


16 December 2019

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

Even as a child, I recognized that scent has the power to influence mood. The aroma of warm bread fresh from the oven still makes me feel safe and nurtured, even if I am the one who did the baking. The smell of sawdust reminds me of my grandfather who owned a lumber mill, and, strangely enough, the scent of paint thinner triggers memories of visiting my father at his machine shop on hot, summer days. Now that I have my own home, I use scent to help build my family's excitement for the holidays. Certain aromas reassure me that my house is clean or help me relax after a long day. The right smell can alleviate anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and signal that I am truly home.