Three Places To Shop For Star Trek Pins

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One of the best ways to demonstrate your interest in Star Trek is by wearing a pin. There are several different types of pins available that pay homage to this legendary science-fiction franchise, and wearing a pin can allow another Star Trek enthusiast to spot you in a crowd and approach you to talk. If you're interested in wearing a pin, your first priority will be to figure out where to buy one — after all, you're unlikely to find these specialty items for sale at your local big-box store. Here are three places where you can look for Star Trek collectible pins.

Science Fiction/Comic Shops

There are a number of unique retailers that specialize in products related to science fiction as well as comics and other similar items. Star Trek merchandise is common at such stores, so you shouldn't be surprised to find pins available to buy. If a particular local retailer has an extensive supply of Star Trek products, you may be able to find pins from different series and movies within the franchise. If you live in an area that doesn't have a science fiction/comic shop nearby, consider looking for such a retailer online. Many of these stores have e-commerce websites.

Science Fiction Convention

Another place where you'll likely be able to find pins is at a science fiction convention. These events typically have products for sale and are known for encouraging fans of the genre to dress up and often have notable science fiction actors and actresses on hand to sign autographs and pose for photos. There may be vendors from various science fiction stores around the state or even private sellers putting up their own items for sale. Upon scouring these tables, you'll likely be able to find some pins. 

Online Auction Sites

It never hurts to scour some online auction sites if you're looking for a specific pin. Some retailers have virtual stores on these sites, allowing you to shop for officially licensed items with confidence. You may also find listings from various private sellers from throughout the country and even across the world. If you have previous experience using one of these sites, you may find that shopping for your desired pins can be easy. This may be a good route to take if you are looking for a specific collector's edition pin that is difficult to find elsewhere due to its scarcity.


26 February 2020

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