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With many communities still in some level of lockdown due to COVID-19, some people just aren't getting the level of care that they need to be happy and comfortable. If someone you love is struggling without access to salons and spas, you don't have to watch them suffer. You can bring the spa home with a spa gift basket. These baskets come with everything anyone needs to set up an at-home spa day. Here are a few things you should look for in a spa gift basket.

Professional-Grade Facial Products

Going to the spa is about more than just relaxation and self-care; it's about looking and feeling one's best by using proven skincare products, too. To ensure your spa gift basket is up to professional spa standards, make sure it comes packed with a professional-grade facial cleanser, exfoliant, acid peel, face mask, and moisturizer. These products are the essential components of a spa-quality facial. Although spa gift baskets don't come with laser or steam therapy equipment, the skincare products they do include should bridge this lengthy gap between spa appointments. With a high-quality at-home spa experience, your loved one will feel like themselves again.

Pedicure and Manicure Sets

Although the complete spa experience often includes complicated or time-consuming full-body treatments, the face, feet, and hands are the most important parts of the body to pamper. The feet and hands are the most likely parts of a person to become dry or damaged, so make sure your spa gift basket comes with a complete pedicure and manicure set. These sets usually include an exfoliating hand cleanser, lotion, nail polish remover, and cuticle cream or oil. They also include cuticle sticks, nail scissors or clippers, nail files and buffers, and toe separators. Some kits also come with paraffin wax and a warmer for a luxurious spa-like experience. If your gift basket doesn't include nail polish, try picking out a few colors your loved one would like to add a personal touch to your gift.

Essential Little Luxuries

Spa days are all about pampering yourself with little luxuries. A wonderful spa gift basket will contain more than the basic products you need to set up an at-home spa experience. Little luxuries like a monogrammed bathrobe with matching towels, a pair of spa slippers or sandals, a package of loose herbal tea, and a spa headband or hair towel will really make your loved one's bathroom or bedroom into an at-home spa. 

To learn more about spa gift baskets, reach out to gift sellers in your area. 


15 July 2020

The Power of Your Sense of Smell

Even as a child, I recognized that scent has the power to influence mood. The aroma of warm bread fresh from the oven still makes me feel safe and nurtured, even if I am the one who did the baking. The smell of sawdust reminds me of my grandfather who owned a lumber mill, and, strangely enough, the scent of paint thinner triggers memories of visiting my father at his machine shop on hot, summer days. Now that I have my own home, I use scent to help build my family's excitement for the holidays. Certain aromas reassure me that my house is clean or help me relax after a long day. The right smell can alleviate anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and signal that I am truly home.