Striped Thigh High Sock Designs Inspired By Movie Characters

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Stripe color combinations can conjure up many different themes including holidays or sports teams. You can also select striped socks that represent your favorite movie character. Whether you want a subtle design or to make the socks a part of a themed costume, learn how to you can represent movie characters with striped thigh highs.

Freddy Krueger

The colors red and green may represent Christmas, but when the colors form a thick stripe design, you can recreate the iconic look of Freddy Krueger. In the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Freddy wore a striped sweater and has kept the same sweater throughout the course of many movies and a remake.

Shop for striped socks with thick stripes that alternate between red and green. The green is typically a darker shade and the red is a standard red, more towards the darker side as well.

Freddy wore the stripes on his iconic sweater, but many movies have transitioned the striped design to other clothing items to represent the classic horror movie villain. The striped thigh high socks are ideal for wearing around Halloween or to pair with a fun Nightmare on Elm Street shirt.


Tim Burton's classic film Beetlejuice featured the title character in a black and white striped outfit. The pinstripes on the pants he wore went up and down and you can shop for socks that match. Vertical black and white stripes can extend on the socks and create the look of Beetlejuice. Pair socks with a matching jacket to complete the design and look of the iconic character.

You can also use accessories to match the outfit. For example, you may wear a skull necklace, or official Beetlejuice merchandise to go with the design.

Harley Quinn

Through comics, animated television shows, and movies, Harley Quinn has gone through a lot of unique looks and character designs. When Margot Robbie portrayed the character in multiple DCEU movies, the character was seen numerous times wearing thigh high socks with stripe designs.

The socks were mainly white with three signature horizontal stripes going across the top. The three stripes included a bottom blue stripe, a middle red stripe, and another blue stripe on top. You can find inspiration from Quinn with the socks you purchase. You do not need to use the same colors, but the all-white design with stripes will match the best.

Consider purchasing striped thigh high socks to be a part of your everyday wardrobe or just as a fun costume accessory to wear on special occasions.


21 October 2020

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