What Can You Use Elite Shungite For?

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Elite shungite is a type of beautiful, natural stone that has lots of carbon in it. While it can be worn for its decorative appeal, it's like many other stones in that it's mostly revered for its property healing powers.

How is elite shungite worn? What makes it so powerful to people? How can you use elite shungite? As you learn more about this powerful stone, you'll gain not just an appreciation for its beauty, but an appreciation for what it can potentially do for you as well. Remember, while there may be some claims of the healing powers and properties of all gemstones, including elite shungite, you should never use any type of alternative healing methods until you consult with your doctor or natural healing specialist first.

How is elite shungite worn?

Elite shungite is often worn in as pure a cut as possible to maintain the powerful properties this stone has. Uncut pieces of elite shungite can be worn close to the skin in the form of a ring, necklace, or bracelet, or worn in conjunction with other gemstones as part of your fashionable style. You can also place raw pieces of unpolished elite shungite in glasses of water or leave them as decor on a windowsill so they can be appreciated in their natural beauty.

If you want the proposed healing powers of elite shungite but don't like to wear jewelry, then consider placing a raw stone in your pocket close to your body.

What can elite shungite do?

Elite shungite is believed to carry certain abilities to block EMF exposure due to the high levels of carbon the stone naturally carries. The composition of elite shungite also makes it able to potentially purify water if you place a stone in a cup of water and allow it to sit for a period of time. Studies have shown that the stone has antioxidant abilities and can potentially remove bacteria and other things from drinking water.

Elite shungite is often used to help people who suffer from inflammatory illnesses or have other medical issues. If you have asthma, joint or autoimmune issues, or other problems, you can consider drinking water infused with elite shungite to alleviate your symptoms.

Buy authentic elite shungite in order to experience the best results with the stone. The more you learn about elite shungite, the more beneficial you can realize the stone is. You can buy elite shungite online, from your local alternative healing store, or via other outlets. Unpolished, raw stones are best for a variety of purposes.


19 February 2021

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