Do You Experience Ear Canal Irritation From Using Earbuds? 4 Benefits Of Using Ear Candles

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A quality set of earbuds makes it easier for you to listen to your favorite bands or audio performers. You might also need to wear them regularly for work or other essential tasks. While you may enjoy having an easy way to hear things without being a distraction to others, frequent earbud use can come with a few drawbacks. Fortunately, using an ear candling kit can provide you with these benefits that soothe your discomfort so that you can get back to tuning in to the latest song or audiobook.

Reduce Ear Wax Accumulation

Heavy earbud use can block the natural pathway that ear wax needs to exit your body properly. Over time, this can lead to blockages that increase sinus pressure and can contribute to the development of infections and pain. Ear candling involves placing a hollow tube or cone in your ear that is then heated up to generate a gentle suction effect that breaks up wax and helps to draw it up to the exit point of your ear canal.

Soothe Irritation and Inflammation

The friction from the earbuds can lead to inflammation in both your inner and outer ear. If you have wax build-up, then you may notice additional irritation. The warmth from the ear candles helps to soothe irritated skin so that you feel better when you return to your normal activities.

Hear Your Favorite Music and Podcasts Better

Inflammation in your ear can lead to minor swelling that makes it harder for sounds to reach the eardrum. The same is also true of excess ear wax. As the candle helps to improve both of these issues, you'll notice that your ability to hear might improve. This can help you to reduce your reliance on earbuds if you've been using them to help you hear better in noisy environments. Being able to use them at a lower volume further helps to preserve your hearing.

Improve the Effects of Your Relaxation Strategies

You might be using earbuds so much as an effort to improve your mental health. Listening to music or audiobooks is an effective way to reduce stress, but you could be overloading your brain. During an ear candling session, you'll relax while lying down on your side while the candle does its work. Many people use this time as an opportunity to meditate, talk to a supportive companion, or enjoy aromatherapy. Using the candle as an opportunity to engage in self-care helps you to feel better both physically and mentally.

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7 December 2021

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