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There are so many beautiful jewelry pieces out there that are made from silver and turquoise. Turquoise is a stone that is admired and appreciated by so many people for its look and many other reasons. One great piece of jewelry that's made of silver and turquoise is the sleeping beauty turquoise and sterling silver bracelet. Read more here to learn some great information about turquoise and silver jewelry. 

Turquoise Ranges in Color

Since turquoise is a stone that has a color actually named after it, you would think its color would be consistent. However, an interesting fact about this stone is it can range in color, starting with a bright blue color going to a deep green color. This allows you to find a piece of jewelry that has turquoise in it that you really like the look of. 

Turquoise Is Believed by Many to Have Healing Properties

Turquoise is believed to be a stone that has a number of healing properties. Some of the things many believe it to help with include helping to improve one's mental state, helping with creativity, bringing feelings of serenity, bringing about positive thinking, improving one's intuition, and helping one to achieve happiness and wisdom. It is believed that you can benefit from these properties by wearing jewelry that has turquoise stones in it. If you believe in the healing powers of stones, then you can wear turquoise and sterling silver pieces while taking advantage of the healing abilities of the stones in the cuff. 

Turquoise Has a History of Being Used in Jewelry for Centuries

This beautiful stone has been found in pieces of jewelry dating as far back as 3000 BCE. It is also commonly used in jewelry that is handcrafted by Native American jewelry makers. These are things that make it popular with people who are history buffs or who appreciate the fabulous look of Native American crafted jewelry. A turquoise cuff is a nice piece of jewelry. It can even have additional stones in it that look great with turquoise, and it can have intricate details that give it an even more beautiful design. 

Turquoise and Silver Look Good with Many Styles

There are so many styles that turquoise and silver will look great with. This means when you have this kind of jewelry, you will be able to wear it with a lot of different outfits, and it will help you to look even better. 

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4 March 2022

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